Which is the right Crazy Catch for me??

Which is the right Crazy Catch for me??

Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Rebound Net. Whatever your Sport, you can use Crazy Catch to improve your skills, whilst being challenged by the unpredictable rebounds which are so fun! This blog will help you pick the right one for you!

Crazy Catches are used from all ages from beginners learning to throw and catch right up to professional athletes and top international teams fine tuning their skills ... the harder the ball goes onto the net, the more INSANE the rebound!! Crazy Catch has been an incredible sporting gift for over 15 years and is a great way to practice your favourite sport at home 

Crazy Catch comes in 4 size options and each size has both a classic or a double trouble version 

  • Freestyle (orange handheld) - 52cm 
  • Upstart (green) - 75cm 
  • Wildchild (red) or Scotopia (black) - 93cm + our bestseller
  • Professional (blue) - 91 x 148cm (orientates landscape and portrait)

NB - The quality of the netting and hence rebound speed and unpredictability is the same across the range, its only frame size that is different. 


You will notice that the Upstart, Wildchild and Professional are available as either a Classic or Double Trouble so we have the Upstart Classic or the Upstart Double Trouble for example. 

The Classic range (black back frame) is best for small ball sports like cricket, hockey, tennis and lacrosse ... with small balls one side is SANE (predictable) and one side is INSANE (unpredictable due to the patented net technology on our products). Big balls sports can eb played on both side of the Classic range but you only get a predictable rebound and its the same on both sides. A side from the sports mentioned above the Classic range also is more suitable for younger players and schools. 

The Double Trouble range (grey back frame) is best for big ball sports like netball, AFL, soccer and rugby. With these balls you get both a SANE and INSANE rebound. The INSANE rebound for big balls is totally unique to Crazy Catch and is much more challenging for netballers and is especially popular with soccer goalkeepers. Only one side of the Double Trouble range is suitable for small ball use (a cricket or hockey ball will go through our larger net mesh) The images below show the difference more clearly as the rebound you get depends on both which side of the Crazy Catch you use and what size the ball is!! 


The Crazy Catch Freestyle, Upstart and Wildchild models (both Classic and Double Trouble ranges) come in a carry bag. The Professional is supplied in a box.

The Crazy Catch Upstart, Wildchild and Professional also include a free green level 2 vision ball. Extra Vision Ball bundles can be purchased separately and come in a range of sizes to suit a range of abilities. We also have some really cool flashing LED glow balls whilst our Ultimate 5 and 10 packs contain one of each ball. 

A Crazy Catch arrives fully assembled aside from the Freestyle where the handles just quickly screw in (no tools needed). To start playing all you need to do is connect the adjustable bar which also controls the angle of your rebound. Players of all age LOVE Crazy Catch and its the perfect sporting Christmas Gift. 

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Crazy Catch are dispatched with fully tracked service and you can always email for more advice or with any questions - sales@crazycatch.com

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