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Crazy Catch has developed the Vision Ball to train your eyes to jump to the final point in a ball’s flightpath, in the catching/striking zone.


Excellent foam filled training ball for elite athletes.


Level 3 is the most challenging Crazycatch Vision Ball, the extra weight in the level 3 ball creates a faster and more unpredictable rebound.


Once you have mastered the level 2 ball then step up to the level 3 ball to keep your skill development progressing.



cricket ball diameter (72mm)

Durable outer layer (120gms)


Perhaps the most common coaching phrase of all time in relation to catching or hitting a ball, but it’s actually impossible!
MYTH BUSTED! –“Watch the ball!” is sound advice during the initial stages of ball tracking. However, unless the ball travel is directly towards your eyes, it is simply impossible to “keep your eye on the ball” on the all important catching/hitting zone.


Watch elite athletes just as they hit a ball or take a catch, and see where their eyes are directed. Develop these same skills by simply asking yourself: “WHAT WAS THE LAST COLOUR I SAW ON THE CRAZY CATCH VISION BALL?”


Now, with a clearly defined start and end-point, you can fast track your vision skills.




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